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Written by Travis Bean

Welcome to the Colossus Movie Guide for Don't Worry Darling. This guide contains everything you need to understand the 2022 film directed by Olivia Wilde. Below, you’ll find a quick explanation of the film, as well our library of material covering key aspects of the movie. We encourage comments to help us put together the best possible guide to this film. Enjoy!

The Quick Explanation

Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling takes place in a simulation set in the 1950s, but the film is very much a commentary on modern times. Alice (Florence Pugh) believes she lives in a community called Victory, but secretly she’s been forced into a simulation and brainwashed to believe her new life. In Victory, the men go off to work and the women stay home to cook and clean—an idyllic version of the American Dream. But slowly Alice starts to have memories of her past life and recall the brainwashing videos she’s involuntarily watched. 
This entire situation serves as a symbolic observation of the United States, where division and a looming dissatisfaction of life has driven people to idealize lives they don’t have. As women gain more rights, power, and access in society, people like Jack (Harry Styles) feel threatened and undermined. Thus, Jack serves as an emblem of the threat to American masculinity, while Alice’s aversion to Victory represents a fight for change. People like Jack find comfort in groupthink, while people like Alice would like to break free from the rigid rules of society that seem to persist. The 1950s setting—a time when women had less influence and control—becomes a defamiliarized hurdle she must conquer to regain her life.

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Title Explanation

What does the title Don’t Worry Darling mean? What does it tell us about the movie’s intentions and storyline? Let’s dig in.

Themes and Meaning

There are three key themes that stand out in Don’t Worry Darling that help us define the film’s commentary and message.

Important Motifs

Here are five motifs that recur throughout Don’t Worry Darling that indicate the movie’s most important moments of symbolism.