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  • Parasite



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    Parasite would have received 5 stars if not for the questionable violence in the last act, which slightly marred my impression of one of the main characters. I could see why this was included, but it could have been avoided, as it arguably paints the working class in a similar light to the upper class. Other than that, Parasite is a splendid and engaging movie with great pacing and nice character arcs. The music and the lighting were great too. The music nicely captured, and accentuated, the atmosphere.

  • Spider-Man



    It may be cheesy, and the costumes(looking at you Green Goblin) could have been improved(though the Spiderman suit looked fantastic), but it's a fun ride! I completely understand why this movie gets some criticism. Tobey Maguire isn't the best, or most versatile, actor, but I think he does his job well enough here. The romantic relationship between him and Mary Jane, played by Kirsten Dunst, does get a little melodramatic at times, then again these are high school students we…