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  • [REC]²



    They tried to go the Alien$ route here. More. Louder. Bangier. I’m fine with that, but the returns aren’t the same. The best couple of scares were more about misinterpreted shot composure than the actual monsters. But I did like a creepy vibe during a night vision exploration scene. 

    Don’t watch the trailer if you’re going in blind. It gives away two key plot points, and while the movie doesn’t hinge on them, my experience would have been more fun had I not known.

  • [REC]



    Scary AF. Chills.

    Update: Okay, here's the setting. I have a home theater. It's in my basement. When I watch movies at home, it's on a 120 inch screen and in complete darkness. But more than anything, found footage films often feel life-size.

    So we meet Angela and we KNOW her. She's that woman who does the cat fashion shows on your local news and you know she has more to offer, but she gives her all. We've seen her…

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  • Boyhood



    The achievement of this film deserves 5 stars alone. Using a central cast of actors over 12 years to tell one story, much less a coming of age story, seems doomed to failure. Instead, what occurs succumbs to truth in moments of drama and surpasses melodrama when it could have bathed in it.

    It's not perfect, as few (read: no) films are, but I do believe it perfectly tells the story Richard Linklater intended it to. This doesn't meant I…

  • Unbreakable



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    In a world of false appearances and groomed images (the internet), it would be so easy to be 'above' Unbreakable due to Shyamalan's more recent output (though I am intrigued by his current mystery project). I am not 'above' this film. I love it.
    This is a comic book movie for people who want smart and adult storytelling with no world destorying machines and demolished cities. Unbreakable is a quiet character study of a man stuck in a rut of…