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  • An Honest Liar

    An Honest Liar


    Super interesting and more a portrait of James Randi than it is an exploration of his career busting phoney acts and con-people. But it still makes the bridge between those topics feel incredibly natural and doesn't ever feel like a biased take on an events. It is ostensibly James Randi's take on events but still it never feels false and gives a broad range of commentators on these matters. It's really well put-together and there are some meta elements to…

  • Booksmart



    Booksmart is probably one of the most consistently funny comedy I've seen since The Death Of Stalin (2017). All the characters are wonderfully unique and the actors' playing them really help bring them to life, giving them a great memorability. Pretty much within the first 15 minutes all the essential high schoolers are introduced along with how they interact with others and they pretty much all come back at some point in the film, having made such a good impression…

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  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Starts out promising but was just constantly awaiting for Chucky's turn and to properly utilise his chaotic and fun-loving personality. There's a total of two (maybe three) lines near the end where it was satisfying to hear Mark Hamill's gravelly tone come in but for the most part he's just plain and woefully under-utilised. The slow build-up towards this is fun at first but grows tiresome after time and hits the same notes again and again and again.

    That being…

  • Shaft


    (Note: I have yet to see the original Shaft films)

    Shaft is cheesy, crass and not willing to apologise for what it is. But what is it? Is it a comedy? Maybe but the tone can't seem to commit to it. Is it an action movie? Possibly but actual action is few and far between. Is it a roughly 2 hour vehicle for Samuel Jackson to swear his way through a lazily written script whilst other people merely exist in…