Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

*Endgame Spoilers Below If You're Reading This Without Having Already Seen Endgame*

I went into Far From Home not caring at all about the Marvel Cinemative Universe anymore. I was done with all this after Endgame which proved a satisfying conclusion and round-off on an epic built up for well over a decade. Where things went from here wasn't really of any concern to me. The two things tiding me over watching it maybe was I think Spider-man is a fun character and my love of Jake Gylenhaal but even then; 'eh?'.

Regardless, I ended up seeing it with some friends and while it doesn't exactly strive to break the wheel; it's a good rounding off of the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker post-Endgame while mixing in a classic country-spanning plot motivator. It may not entirely live up to its' premise of being a European vacation (the way it's presented and with how little time is spent in each country it may as well have just stayed based in America) but as that sort of Endgame epilogue it works wonderfully! It's about Peter dealing with the responsibility Tony has left him after his death of doing right where he went wrong. It's a good motivator for the plot and remains consistent throughout.

Tom Holland again does a good job as Peter Parker. He's definitely earned this interpretation of the character and made it his own now. Zendaya's expanded role as MJ is fine. I feel her chemistry with Tom Holland will come through more in future films but here, they still have an entertaining dynamic. Jake Gylenhaal reigns supreme here though. He brings enough character and personality to Mysterio that really pops out too life.

My biggest problems with the film would probably be it's look (though in the wake of Spider-verse there is now an impossible visual standard for all Spider-man films). A lot of it just looks so flat and while there are some sequences with some fun visuals; it more just succeeds in looking cute and not too much else. Secondly, I thought the first hour or so of the film dragged along and it wasn't until we started further exploring the relationship between Peter and Mysterio that I found myself invested.

While I didn't come out of Far From Home annoyed at myself for having seen it or annoyed at Marvel for a lack of effort; I'm still probably only going to check in and out of the overall MCU from film to film. That being said; Spider-man is worth seeing as a cinematic coin flip as to whether you'll stick with this franchise or not without offering too much else.