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  • Diner


    Written by Brooke Heinz

    "Had writer-director Ninagawa perhaps pushed more at the boundaries of the film’s extreme concept and not undermined Diner’s action with poor camerawork, I would have had more fun and been more forgiving. But as it stands, Diner instead feels like a disappointing souffle — all puff and flair with little to savour inside."


  • The Truth

    The Truth

    Written by Hieu Chau

    "Given the new language and Deneuve’s star-power, The Truth could be some international audiences’ first exposure to Kore-eda. In many ways, his non-Japanese language is a great entry point for those unfamiliar with the filmmaker’s work. Memory, family, performance, loss – the hallmarks of Kore-eda’s films are all here. Given this strong continuity throughout all of works, even as he crosses cultures and audiences, I have to wonder in what ways does the director feel The…

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  • Dearest Sister

    Dearest Sister

    Written by Matthew Rooke

    "Mattie Do is Laos’ only horror filmmaker and she is also the country’s only female director. These are tremendous achievements and her follow-up to her 2013 debut feature, Chanthaly is her second feature film, the slow burner horror Dearest Sister. The film is a triumph of scare and creep devoid of ghosts and demons of any real traditional substance. There are connections with some other world entities but they are benign and almost secondary. The real…

  • Parasite


    Written by Brooke Heinz

    "Wild tonal changes, rambunctious set-pieces, intricate social commentary and engaging characters — it’s all here in one, thrilling crowd-pleasing package fit for both long-time Bong fans and curious newcomers."


    BONG JOON-HO TALKS PARASITE WITH FILMED IN ETHER- Full interview by Brooke Heinz :