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  • Tharlo


    Written by Thedora Vatubua

    "Shot in black and white photography, Tharlo‘s visual style helps narrow and ground the film in realism, focusing especially on characters and their body language (especially during one of the scenes at the hair salon). This sharp contrast of black and white also works on a thematic level too, establishing a visual difference between the life of isolation that Tharlo had led prior to his contemporary experience in a more modern Tibet."


  • Under the Sun

    Under the Sun

    Review by Hieu Chau

    "The image that North Korea wants to project to the world is that it is an infallible nation. To its own people, the DRPK wants them to believe that their country is at the centre of the world and that by being loyal and striving towards the ideals established by its government, they too can lead a rich life. Mansky’s documentary reveals the opposite: North Korea is a flawed nation and the only ones that suffer…

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  • A Hard Day

    A Hard Day

    Written by Natalie Ng

    "While generally handsomely made, I think most audiences have started to feel genre fatigue from South Korean cinema’s noir thrillers. There is a general sense of repetition and exhaustion of ideas. Shaking us out from this stupor is Kim Seong-hun‘s A Hard Day, a gleefully entertaining thriller that takes its audience at breakneck speed through an elaborately plotted story with just the right amount of twists and turns, a heady dose of dark humor, and features a superb performance from leading man Lee Sun-kyun."


  • My Beloved Bodyguard

    My Beloved Bodyguard

    Review by Hieu Chau

    "A poor script and unconfident direction make The Bodyguard one of the biggest disappointments of the year so far; failing both as a drama about an old man and his friendship with a young girl as well as a martial arts film. It’s sad to see Sammo Hung no longer as agile or mobile as he once was but such is the way of the action hero. But if, like Jackie Chan, Hung wishes to continue down a more dramatic acting path however, I’m all for it (I just hope it’s for the right script)."