Walkabout ★★★½

Walkabout is definitely an interesting film. There are many moments of sheer genius which managed to keep me entertained and surprised the whole time.
Roeg injects some really grand ideas in this unique rendition of the classic "coming of age tale". Touching upon the clashing of cultures, different rites of passage, how to survive when faced with death and how tainted urbanization has poisoned our natural innocence, we are offered a buffet of ideas explored thoroughly throughout the film.
Roeg's cinematic language is quite unlike anything I've ever seen. It worked for me a bit better in Don't Look Now but the film is swinging so hard for the fences that it must be commended.
I wish I loved this more but I respect so much of the bold artistry behind the project.

It's an incredibly powerful and moving story that somehow feels held back by an overly experimental style that lacked any subtlety or elegance.
Some of these smash cuts and overall editing choices were way too obvious, or attempted to shout their meaning at you for overly long stretches of time. Yet, even with that complaint, the approach is very much in tune with character psychologies and it's an interesting set of editing techniques used throughout the film to help us understand their mental states. I do feel some of the jumps in tone are pretty jarring, from the horrific and disturbing opening sequence, to the DISCOVERY CHANNEL-type vibe of the 2nd act, there are some big jumps in genre and tone. May give this a rewatch in the future because there's a lot one can learn from this and attempt to hone the craft into something more polished.

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