Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

The perks of living in Utah: Sundance!

I won’t be forgetting this film for a long time. This is a brilliant, genre-bending look at rape culture. It’s the defining film of the #MeToo Era in a way that Bombshell or Black Christmas never could have been. But don’t let yourself think that means that this is a hard watch. There are some tough scenes, but this movie is a lot of fun. Carey Mulligan turns in an incredible performance. Bo Burnham is great in a supporting role as well. Promising Young Woman knows exactly when to hit the right beats. And you never see the next plot point coming. 

I absolutely adored this movie & am anxiously awaiting its April release date. This is a must see for film lovers. Too bad it’s gonna get bogged down by #NotAllMen politics tho :/

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