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  • 1900



    Wrote this piece on Watching Bertolucci's 1900 for the MostlyFilm blog. 

    Amusingly, it consistently remained in the top three Most Read posts on the blog because of the dodgy search terms. 

    Anyway, this was one of the all-time great cinema experiences.

  • The Clock

    The Clock


    The following write-up originally appeared as a blog post on ViewLondon.

    Last weekend I watched thirteen straight hours (from 7.25pm on Saturday through to 8.25am on Sunday) of Christian Marclay's The Clock at the Purcell Room in the Hayward Gallery. I then slept, on and off, between 8.22 and 11.45 (I saw 10am, for example) because I wanted to see mid-day and I eventually left at 12.15pm on Sunday. I also live-tweeted the experience from 9.39pm until 8.26pm (when my…

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  • Foreign Language

    Foreign Language


    My second favourite film at the 2024 Berlinale. I much prefer the other alternate title, Foreign Tongue, a delicious double entendre that I hope is deliberate.

  • My Summer with Irène

    My Summer with Irène


    Sweet, charming, beautifully acted, exactly the movie I needed it to be at this stage in the festival. Bailed on Pepe to see this. Sorry, Pepe.

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  • Coup de Chance

    Coup de Chance


    There should definitely be more movies about 60-something moms turning detective.

  • Kill Boksoon

    Kill Boksoon



    Full review coming soon on