The House That Screamed ★★★½

Another one ticked off the Dying To See list.

Engaging and enjoyable Gothic horror, notable for its sublimely disturbed ending, its palpable atmosphere of sexual repression and the way it plays interesting games with the "final girl" trope (which actually makes it quite ahead of its time for 1969).

The set design is fabulous and there are several great scenes, most notably the girls all gritting their teeth and doing their needlework while one of them (chosen by lottery) is out in the barn, having a good time with Henry, the workman who visits once a month.

Note: This was the full, reconstructed 105 minute version, patched together from various sources, not the 99 minute version on the IMDb.

Aka: La Residencia, The Boarding School, The Finishing School, House of Evil.

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