Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return ★★½

I have honestly enjoyed the Children of the Corn series up till now. The first one is a cult classic scary movie and for good reasons. The second one starts the really campy moments but is still a bit scary. The 3rd one is not scary but is campy fun. The fourth one brings back the scares but is still campy. The fifth one goes back to being just campy and works well enough. This one ignores 3-5 and gets rid of the camp and tries to be all scares. However it fails. It doesn't make sense how Isaac survived the end of the 1st one. They bring up things that happen in the first 2, or these events make more sense if the viewer remembers those things. That being said there are still problems with this movie. The acting is bad as well as the script. Still not bad but just barley not worth a watch.