Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ★★★★

First off I enjoyed this movie, I realize I'm in a small minority, but I like this film. I don't get all the hate for this movie. I have seen the Plinkett review and thought it was entertaining but disagree with him. First part of this review I will talk about what things that a lot of people hate that I disagree with, the second part I will talk about why I like this film.
First, why all the hatred? Most of the complaints seem really nit picky. The gopher at the beginning. It's only 7 seconds, why does THAT bother people. It's not long people, you'll be okay. Also while the monkey part is ridiculous it is also really short. As for the big on. The fridge. Yes it is ridiculous. You know cause NOTHING RIDICULOUS EVER HAPPENED IN THE OTHER 3! It is also impossible that Indy could be on a tank in the third one, that falls off a cliff with him on it, and some how grab onto the side. Also how bout in the second one when they jump out of a moving plane, on an inflatable raft, land on the side of a mountain, and DON'T die. So the fact that he gets in a fridge and survives a nuclear blast, it's the same as those other things. Remember these films are based on the James Bond franchise and old serials where the character would find themselves in impossible to survive situations and survive. As for the CGI jungle yeah it is dumb that they did that but I like the rest of the scene. It's a game of cat and mouse as the two sides fight over trying to get the skull back. Now on to the really big thing, the aliens. First of all where does it say that aliens CAN'T be in an Indiana Jones film. How are aliens any more weird then a ark that will melt people's faces unless they don't look at it, a cult that rips people's hearts out and the people are still alive to feel themselves being burned, and a holy grail that can grant eternal life. How are aliens any different. You might argue that the other 3 are in one way or another, religious artifacts. But the mention this in the movie that to the Aztecs the aliens WHERE Gods. Indy even has a line "Depends who your God is." Exactly it depends who your God is. As for the crystal skull thing I do agree with Plinkett on the point that he made that they should have done it about Roswell aliens if there going to do it. I understand why they only touched on it because that was an event not long enough ago to be about an ancient artifact. But at the same time, I do have an interest and some belief in the subject of aliens. Going into this movie I had no idea what the heck the Crystal Skull was, but when they mentioned Roswell I knew EXACTLY where this film was going. So if there going to do aliens I agree, they should have done it on something more people new about. However be honest, how many of you that aren't christian or Jewish knew what the arc of the covenant was before seeing Raiders of the Lost Arc. And even fewer would now about the cult and glowing rocks from Temple of Doom. Also the CGI ants. It's 2008 did you think they were going to use real ants? Especially have real ants go into some ones mouth? I actually found this scene scary.It's NOT raiders but it's also not a bad movie.
Now what else I like about this movie. I like that the character of Mutt and the fact that the revisit the father/son dynamic like in the third one. I don't mind Shia La Beouf, he's good in Transformers despite the rest of that movie, he's good in Disturbia and Holes and I remember seeing him in the Even Stevens show when i was a kid. So his character doesn't bother me, in fact he's funny. I love the scene in the restaurant and the chase on the motorcycle after that. Also the brought Marion Ravenwood back which was a great call back, out of all the 3 original main women she was the best. She was a bit of the "damsel in distress" but she was also strong and not annoying like Willie. I like the clues of how to get to where the crystal skull needs to be brought to I like the ideas that the bad guys are Russians, which makes perfect sense. They do follow the formula of the other ones. The movie all together is another fun adventure in the Indiana Jones series.
In conclusion I don't get why people can't just enjoy the movie. They didn't even want to do a new one. Spielberg had moved on as did Lucas and Harrison. The fans begged for more, so they made one (partly for money of course), and what did the fans do? The complained. It might help that I didn't first see Raiders till I was 12 and I grew up with more CGI then not. Perhaps the fans from the 80's just got to old, to cynical to see the movie as they did when they were younger. It just didn't bring back the nostalgic feel they wanted. I feel sorry for you guys. Your missing it, he is there and I am happy I got the chance to see at least one of these in theaters. Sure it's not the best of the series but I recommend it.