Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I can understand how some people could not enjoy or even tolerate this movie, I can understand why people hate the ending (my feelings are mixed, but i  DO appreciate the use of Terry Saunders's version of "Something Wonderful" from The King and I--more of that please!), and I can understand why this was the divisive and oft-despised film of the 2020 awards season. 

I personally enjoyed it, and while I don't love it enough to defend it vehemently, I will say this.

More than all of the negative views of this movie, however, I completely and totally understand that feeling of intense, incapacitating rage that Cassie experienced. That feeling of utter helplessness and ensuing anger once you realize that nothing you do can change it. It makes your heart crumple up until it's so tight you can't feel your fingers, it makes your stomach hot like a forest fire is burning, and it turns your head into a storming sea of violent thoughts and fear. And there's nowhere for it to go. I like to think that I'm a relatively ethical and nonviolent person, and her methods are certainly hard to defend, but I cannot lie. If I was in her situation, I can't say that I wouldn't do something similar. And it felt good as hell to watch a criminal who, in real life, has a < 3% chance of going to prison for his crime, get exactly what he fucking deserved. 


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