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  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    James Cameron is finally back with his almost 15 years in making/waiting sequel to the self titled debut from 2009. 'The Way of Water' is an ambitious and wholly engrossing venture back into the bountifully and beautifully vivid world of Pandora. Visual effects are on full display and I'm having trouble wondering whether films will ever get better in the cgi department than this has. But as much as the visuals wow and impress; the story has some hiccups that…

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    Drawing inspiration from his own filmography; Aronofsky is back to it with another story of human self-destruction. If you have seen Aronofsky's other films, the odds of feeling underwhelmed may be high by the time you reach the end of the film's time. This is not to say that the movie itself is bad. It's decent. Brendan Fraser gives a career high performance here, but the rest of the film doesn't carry itself in the way that Fraser (Charlie) does…

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  • Wendell & Wild

    Wendell & Wild


    Over-padded with characters and ideas; this wonderfully animated film gets bogged down by the weight of its filler. There isn't enough to these characters as the movie bounces around from each with little to no depth. The movie focuses more on getting all of its themes and plots summed up that it forgoes the how/why of these characters - instead, focusing on the surface level. There are instances where it is attempted, but I think there might be some script to screen translations lost in the adapting portions to drive it forward. There's most assuredly something missing, and it feels hollow through most of its runtime.

  • The Good Nurse

    The Good Nurse


    This is a very neutral movie.
    It's not bad, not good, and not even okay. It lies somewhere between all of these, while also being something worth my time.
    The performances are solid and it's okay to watch uneventful films from time to time - even if just to soak in the atmosphere of the film and see where it takes you.

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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    This is a movie for Godzilla lovers.
    This is a movie steeped in the origins of a B-Film Franchise series.
    This was made by a Godzilla fan, FOR Godzilla fans.
    Critics can have their say, but at the end of the day - their problems will go over the heads of the primary group watching this. As an amatuer critic: I get it. Trust me, I see the problems. But this franchise is above that.

    As a lifelong Gojira fan,…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    “My double vision always seems to get the best of me.”
    2020: The Year of the Remake, the Reboot, the Re-adapted - Part 9(b) of 52.

    Surprised for sure, this was definitely a genuinely good, almost great, remake/reboot. The tension throughout the movie was well constructed, the score is overly bombastic and was easily my favorite technical aspect of this film. I personally prefer when remakes take a different route from their predecessors; why remake something without offering something…