The Neon Demon ★★★★

Making a quick comeback to Letterboxd to simply say: I've never been more divided on a film before, I simply loved and hated it. On one hand, the acting and the script was so bad, and on another hand; the film had so many IMPORTANT things to say. These messages were put on the screen in a very weird way; but a good way. I saw the film two days ago, and I'm still consistently thinking about the film and it's message. So I consider that a victory. Definitely see this one for yourself because no review can really do this experience justice.

As for that third act that everyone is talking about......yes. It's way weird. But honestly, I really did like that third act. Simply, because it made me question what the hell I was watching the film for. I left the theater very silently, as I was still processing what I just watched.