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  • Speed Racer
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Ip Man
  • Timecrimes

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  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    The lack of money deposits a great disturbance in ones every waking moment. The slow departure of art from humanity is the extraction of life; depleting human beings to only their biological make-up. Devoid of love, of hate, and of a soul. The profusion of money in conjunction with art is the final stage in the machine's quest to suck the life out of the most intimate forms of human expression. Its pursuit for profit has reached its pinnacle. We,…

  • He Who Gets Slapped

    He Who Gets Slapped


    Quite clear parallels can be drawn between this work of art and countless other loss-of-identity films I have seen but I just feel like this one does it best. I don't know what it sounded like because I listened to Kanye West's MBDTF over it. Don't get me wrong, I know this may bring some controversy but I found myself lying in bed after a long day at work with little time at hand undecided on whether to spend it…

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  • Saving Private Ryan

    Saving Private Ryan


    "This Ryan better be worth it. He'd better go home and cure some disease or invent a longer lasting lightbulb or something."

    This is almost 1917 in reverse. Noone would think twice before sending a couple men to risk their lives for the sake of hundreds. But what if the mission were to send a group of men to risk their lives for the sake of one life?

    Steven Spielberg visually exhibits the terrifying horrors of one of histories darkest…

  • House



    Have you ever tried explaining a really wack nightmare you had to someone and could never find the words to express what happened? That's what I feel like now as I'm writing this review.
    House made me experience something I never thought was possible while being conscious. This truely surreal film is so beautifully crafted - I love it.