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  • Joe Bell

    Joe Bell

    Strong performances by Wahlberg and Miller, the film does manage to avoid melodrama but fails to land the ending.  The screenplay is solid but the film never fully explores the characters enough or never follows through with certain plot points it brings up. While the cinematography is beautiful, some of the camera angles at the beginning especially crop the picture in a way that makes them noticeable and takes you out of the film. 

    FYC - Wahlberg - Actor, Miller - Support Actor.

  • Old


    Interesting plot idea with a solid resolution that unfortunately gets seriously detailed by poor acting and dialogue and some very weak directing choices that immediately detaches you from the overall story. 

    FYC - none

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  • Gunpowder Milkshake

    Gunpowder Milkshake

    Highly stylish and enjoyable action movie that is able to breath new life into the usual action troupes. Tremendously well choreographed fight scenes and outstanding performances make this a fun and fresh experience overall. 

    FYC - Production Design, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects, Stunts

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    An effective thriller that makes the most out of style it uses to tell the story. Strong performances help keep the audience engaged in the story. 

    FYC - none