Always Be My Maybe ★★★★

Quickie Review 
From the producers of Neighbors and Blockers and from the creator of TV favorites “Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23” and “Fresh Off The Boat” comes one of the better Netflix romantic comedies this year that also provides a great showcase for 2 of the funniest Asian-American talents working today: Ali Wong (“American Housewife”, various Netflix specials) & Randall Park (“Fresh Off The Boat”, Ant-Man and The Wasp), both of whom serves as producers on the film and co-wrote the screenplay. In the film, Wong plays Sasha, a celebrity chef whose relationship with her less than loyal boyfriend (Daniel Dae Kim) has hit the skids. Park plays Marcus, an average guy who fronts a progressive rap band and cares for his father (James Saito) after the passing of his mother (Susan Park) years ago. After 15 years, these two childhood besties have reunited with y’all each other and it appears that romantic sparks are starting to happen between them but their very different worlds could keep that from happening. While not entirely original, the film works mainly due to the chemistry of its two leads, who have been friends for 16 years and a nice blend of laughs and genuine heart. There’s even a funny appearance from Keanu Reeves as a fictional version of himself that dates Sasha and spouts strange zen philosophies. Also, nice choice of songs. Anyone who starts their movie with “93 til Infinity” is all right in my book. Always Be My Maybe is both a hilarious and heartfelt romantic comedy bolstered by two delightful leads, a decent story and some great needle drops.

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