Annette ★★★½

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What the hell was I looking at? Oh, I should explain. Directed by Leos Carox with music by Sparks, who has seen a major resurgence thanks to Edgar Wright’s recent documentary The Sparks Brothers, it’s a musical romantic drama starring Adam Driver as a stand-up comedian with a unique sense of humor and Marion Cottilard as an opera singer and they fall in love, get married and give birth to a little girl with a unique skill named Annette, turning their lives upside down. Where was I? Oh yeah. What the hell was I looking at? It’s so strange and unusual and so unexpected and so unpredictable. Had to process it before I wrote this review and even then, I’m still processing it. It’s certainly something and you should check it out for yourself on Prime Video because it’s….well, it’s something. BTW, the 4th wall-breaking opening and closing sequences are quite unique, I’ll give it that.

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