Batman ★★★★½

Rewatch Review/Retrospective (30th Anniversary)
30 years ago today, Tim Burton’s Batman made its way onto the big screen and the landscape of cinema was changed afterwards once it arrived. 

Now, you can check out my previous thoughts right here in the meantime but you may be asking how has Batman changed the cinema landscape? For starters, studios wanted to create their own Bat-mania. Disney came close with Tracy-mania, pulling out all the stops to promote Dick Tracy with the same level of high promotional awareness that Warner Bros. had used to promote their blockbuster a year prior. The story of Tracy-mania is quite legendary but the fact is that it didn’t move enough merchandise or reach the same level of box office success as Batman did. 

Then, you had studios looking to make comic book movies that capitalize on the success of good ol’ Batsy (there were a lot of them surprisingly) and some made a decent amount of money but not enough to catch up to the Dark Knight. Others just straight up copied the look and style of Batman and still failed to be on the same level of success, no matter how hard they tried. 

Most importantly, it changed how we saw superhero movies as we know it. Before Batman came out, some comic book movies and superhero movies were seen as campy, corny, kitschy and downright cheesy. Sure, there was Superman: The Movie and its sequel but everything else that came after it was oozing with trope-heavy cheese to the point where no one could take them seriously. Batman showed that they could be taken seriously....until the mid-‘90s came along and things were kitschy again until X-Men arrived on the scene. These days, no matter how it turns out, superhero movies and comic book movies are taken more seriously than ever, with a few of them even winning awards including Oscars. As I previously stated before every CBM and superhero movies owe a huge debt of gratitude to Batman for setting the standard when it came to taking the sub genre seriously. Let’s face it: without this movie, it would be a less exciting time for the world at large.

Happy 30th anniversary to a true game changer for film, Batman, the movie that really set the standard. Remember the next time when you watch a contemporary superhero movie, it’s this movie you have to thank for its existence.

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