Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★★

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Imagine this. You’re at home. You find a TV listing description for a movie called Big Trouble in Little China and you see that Kurt Russell is listed first in the cast, so you assume that he’s the main hero of the film, right? Then, you watch the film for the first time and you put one and one together that Russell’s character is actually the sidekick of the real main hero of the story. Did I blow your mind with that assumption? Because it’s no assumption. Jack Burton, the macho truck driving tough guy, is actually sidekick to the real main hero of the film, his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), who’s looking to rescue his beautiful kidnapped fiancée from the clutches of the mysterious David Lo Pan (James Hong), a drug lord who’s actually a immortal sorcerer looking to become a mortal human being. The odds are stacked against the duo, the challenges are greater than anything anyone has ever faced but they’re still determined to see this rescue mission through to the end. Out of all the movies in John Carpenter’s filmography, this and Escape from New York may be my favorites. Carpenter is able to achieve a epic balancing act of genres: action, adventure, fantasy, horror, comedy, martial arts. It’s like picking up a copy of your favorite comic book with all these elements and putting your imagination into override. Plus, the twist that Jack Burton plays 2nd fiddle to someone who would be the supporting character while the hero did all the work is a genius move on Carpenter’s end. Big Trouble in Little China packs enough thrills, laughs and adventure in 2 hours to be a major breeze to get through. A movie worthy of its cult classic status and remember, it’s like ol’ Jack Burton always says....”it’s all in the reflexes”.

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