Magnum Force ★★★★

Quickie Review 
Eastwood is back in full force as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force! In this Ted Post-directed/John Milius-written sequel, Callahan discovers that a rogue faction of cops are stepping outside the law and killing perpetrators. For Dirty Harry, despite living outside the law to stop crime, this doesn't sit well with him so he'll do whatever it takes to stop these rogue lawmen from committing murder in the name of the law because, after all, man's got to know his limitations. The film does provide a unique but not entirely overt commentary on the justice system while also upping the action this time around, including a climactic finale on the San Francisco shipyards. We also get a glimpse of Harry's personal life, including having a dalliance with his sexy neighbor in his apartment building. Definitely a worthy follow-up to Dirty Harry!

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