Samurai Cop

Quickie Review 
The 1-star rating seems backhanded to some extent but allow me to explain. Without a doubt, this movie, about a cop who uses a samurai sword, has a long head of hair and bones a lot of hot women, is unmistakably, unquestionably bad. The acting is a mess, the continuity is shoddy and I'm pretty sure that some of the female actors were the stars of some soft core adult films that premiered on the Spice Channel once before. However, the badness is what makes it so fun to watch unlike the other bad movies I've reviewed here. Yes, "Samurai Cop" is bad. Heinously so. But it's an entertaining kind of bad. The finest kind of bad you would expect in early '90s cult cinema. It's on TubiTV along with the sequel (which I will get to soon) so give it a watch if you like your bad movies injected with a dose of watchable cheesiness.

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