The Enforcer ★★★½

Quickie Review 
Some radical counterculture anarchists have San Francisco in the grip of fear. They've committed deadly criminal acts in the name of a cause, they're armed with rocket launchers and they've kidnapped the mayor and are holding him hostage on Alcatraz. Only one man stands in their way and he's not getting out of their way: SFPD inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)! In this 3rd installment, Callahan and his rookie partner (Tyne Daly, a couple of years before "Cagney & Lacey") must track down these major troublemakers and get the mayor out of danger before time runs out, even if Harry's snotty, bureaucratic superior (Bradford Dillman) tells him to back off. Magnum Force was going to be a tough act to follow so that alone would cause The Enforcer to be the weaker entry in the series, mostly due to the antagonists being less memorable than the previous films. Dillman's character is also a real pain in the ass throughout but I supposed he was written that way so mission accomplished. Luckily, the character problems are just a hiccup, as everything else is pretty much up to snuff. There's some good action sequences and a jazzy score by Jerry Fielding, who takes over for Lalo Schifrin. The Enforcer might be weaker than the first 2 but it still has its merits of entertainment value.

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