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  • A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence


    I really try to be more stingy with the old 5 star button, but dammit, films like this one -- one's that are so above top tier in what they accomplish -- just demand it.

    "A moment of innocence" succeeded in just furthering my wonder of what the Iranian people exactly posses inside of them to be able to do make perfection like this over and over again! I mean, first your Kiarostami with his impeccableness in stuff like "Certified…

  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    We live in an age where it's possible to have Elton John, and Collin Firth co-bitch-slap a robot dog with a bowling ball... What els is there left for me to see now that wouldn't pale in comparison?

    I liked the first Kingsman, and really liked this one. Yes it's cheesy, silly and over-the-top, but common, did you really think these films would be anything els? It's a chance to have a fun time, dammit; a chance to spend 2+…

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  • F for Fake

    F for Fake


    Even better than before! Cunfusing, but captaining. Straightforward, yet complex. Welles had control over his filmmaking abilities like few others here. The meticulous effort that must have gone in the script to be able to control when exacly the “twist” (no spoilers) would happen, and not have it feel cheesy, is beyond brilliant.

    Citizen Kane is his masterpiece — no doubt about that— and is pure joy to watch. But, I seem to find the most pleasure out of this Welles masterpiece.

    (Haven’t seen it yet? Try Youtube! It’s where I watched it)

  • City of Pirates

    City of Pirates


    Ruiz has once again shattered all expectations. I really thought anything that I'll see from him since my watching of the masterpiece "Manoel's Destinies", would just feel like a total let-down. But actually, the opposite is true; this could any day stand up to the former.

    "City of Pirates" is a perplexing dream that I could easily see upsetting anyone not into the whole surrealism thang. It's very hard to grasp, and follows anything but a straight narrative; so much…