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  • Have a Nice Day

    Have a Nice Day


    This film is close to what it would look like if Apichatpong Weerasethakul imported his strange sense of pacing to a Guy Ritchie-esque scritpt, and was animated. Now I say close to that because even though that sounds (to me anyways) awesome, and I would love if that's what we got, sadly, it just feels lacking in something that should have made this film a great one. A worth watch though, undoubtedly.

  • Death by Hanging

    Death by Hanging


    Utterly brilliant!

    Filmmaker Nagisa Oshima made a film here that besides being incredibly entertaining and beautifully darkly funny, manages to still a remarkably relevant case asking whether or not the death penalty should be allowed today as it was when it was made. The (mostly) one-place setting is used perfectly effective as almost a private theater for the story most of the film is about -- a room full of policemen trying to get an accused to remember his crimes…

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  • Heavenly Creatures

    Heavenly Creatures


    You know that feeling when you've just seen a film that you know can't be anything other than a new favorite? Well I think I just said hello to that feeling again with this strangely beautiful, curiously undertalked about 90's gem.

    Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey (Two and a half Men lovers may recognize her) play Juliet and Pauline; two girls who share a deep bond because of their shared over-imagineative ways, and antisocial behaviors during a time where behaviors…

  • Being There

    Being There


    Having previously only experienced the most basic Ashby picture, 'Harold and Maude', I entered this long anticipated film unsure of what to expect style or story wise -- I was also especially clueless going in as far as what the story was about because, again, I never read plot summaries. And to be totally honest, expectations where shattered in the most delightfully strangest of ways. You see the plot itself of a man named Chauncey, (Played beyond phenomally by the…