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  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice



    Tarkovsky, you simply can't keep doing this to me! Did you just stay up at nights thinking ways to create scenes/sequences so incomparably perfect, that every other directors scenes would look average in comparison.(lol)

    All those Slow panning camera movements, depressing, yet thought provoking dialoge, and some of the finest cinematography ever put to film.Make this not only one of the finest films ever made, but an ineffable experience.

    What a masterpiece!. Film's like this is why I breath.

  • White Heat

    White Heat


    Without a doubt the most exciting ending in an American Crime Film I've ever seen.
    James Cagney truly was one of the "great ones".
    Not a single dull moment in this one.

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  • Capote



    What a tragic tale.
    But,I do have a major complaint though. Advertising said that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was supposed to be in it,but I didn't see no Hoffman...

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes

    "The Red shoes" is not only my type of film,but one that resonates with every single fiber of my soul.Every single aspect of it was perfect:
    From the beautifully photographed cinematography, and marvelously constructed production design; to the acting- wich doesn't get praised half the amount it should,in my opinion. Can't believe it took me so damn long to see it,but now that I have;I shall never forget this life-changing experience.