Get Out

Get Out ★★★★½

Because of my preference to know as little as possible about any of my new watches -- especilly about their plot. I can honestly say I was stunned and surprised by Get Out's story, and the directions it took. At first glance I was delighted to discover that it felt quite reminiscent of one of my all-time favs, "Guess Who's coming to dinner", but as the film progressed it didn't stay that way, at all. For as we're further taken into the story a much, much different atmosphere surfaced; an atmosphere so palpably suspenseful, and psychologically terrifying that I seriously couldn't sit still at times.

Half of that is to thank from Jordan Peele's expertly crafted script, and masterful job on the director's chair. The other, is definitely thanks to Daniel Kaluuya' s beyond top tier performance; the way he -- like the poster used at this time on this site perfectly reminds you-- used his eyes to perfectly convey each and every emotion he had, is stunning.
"Get Out" without a doubt stands among my favourites of last year, and on a rewatch it may actually become a new favourite in general -- that's how much I enjoyed it.

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