Landscape in the Mist

Landscape in the Mist ★★★★★

Searching for films like this has almost become like a theme of my life; they're so freaking hard to find most of the time that it sometimes takes me months of searching to find them. But the beautiful thing about that is that a lot of the times, they're exactly the most special and rewarding endeavors. And "Landscape in the mist", as with my first Angelopoulos "Eternity and a Day", is exactly such an experience -- and possibly, the most so of all. It's a film that even though it follows two young kids in their adolescence as their trying to find their father, it brings forth some of the most complex range of emotions one can imagine.

It doesn't try and paint you an idealic picture-eque -- even though one can take any one of the stunning shots from this film, and hang it as a portrait-- story, with a perfect outcome. No, it subverts that expectation that Hollywood has implanted in most, and gives a much more realistic take. And that to me, is exactly why it's the mosy beautiful coming-of-age film I've seen. Well, that and the fact that somehow how Angelopoulos' touch makes the entirety of its runtime feel like a dream. It really and truly crushed my expectations. A true Masterwork that no amount of words could ever properly do justice in describing just how wonderful it is.

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