Yi Yi ★★★★★

Edward Yang's soulful, glacially paced, and all out beautifully made coming-of-age story with a bitter-sweet fragrance although not quite on the level of his magnum opus -- A Brighter Summer Day--, is not far from it and definelty my favorite work of his from an enjoyment perspective. I loved how it just shows us the lives of the characters from such an observant point-of-view; never judging, and always interested in every character no matter their age. The performances playing said characters are top-tier in every damn scene, and in all moments raging from the profoundest of sadnesses, to the most innocent of conversations ("you can't see it by yourself, so I'm helping you").
I'm sure it could easily come off as boring to the impatient, but give it the time it deserves, and I assure you it would be one a most awarding experience.

One of the best films I've ever encountered, seriously.

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