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  • Arizona



    The cast, headed up by Danny Mcbride, includes Kaitlin Olsen, Luke Wilson and Seth Rogen.

    It’ll be a laugh riot, right?

    Oh boy, no! But in all the good ways. There’s a rich history of comics that can turn in some dark performances and Arizona is a prime example of that.

    On paper, even the premise sounds like it’s a farce. “A disagreement in a realtor’s office ends up with the destruction of half a secluded community.”

    The way in…

  • Red State

    Red State


    I watch an awful lot of movies and as a result so many fall into the trap of being as predictable as the rest due to speaking the common language of storytelling.

    Red State pulls off the brilliant trick of allowing you to believe you know exactly where you’re going just long enough to rip the carpet from beneath your feet and then to repeatedly pull off this trick on a regular basis.

    Coupled with a constantly gripping narrative and…