Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

The Oscar is Carey mulligans to lose.
I loved it the first time but after a second watch I'm 100% confident that this movie is an absolute masterpiece. It's so impressive how this movie manages to take on such a heavy issue to interrogate not just the all too common directly abusive and sexist men in our society, but further the common men like Bo who know how to come off as woke and nice but underneath continue to play into the same sexist systems we all live in.
Also the cinematography of this movie is so great. Candy like colors. The soundtrack is magnificent. So many good actors even if they only get a scene or two. Obviously intriguing throughout, keeping my attention the whole run time even on a second watch.
This movie was made with so much intention and I'm glad fennel was allowed to make it the way she wanted to make it. At the end of it, a unique take on rape-revenge movie that I think will definitely stand the test of time.
Ps I think they nailed the ending, no complaints.

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