Titane ★★★

There's a great movie in here somewhere.

I feel like the director wrote a great script and was like "hmm this isn't weird enough, let's have her car fuckin!"

It's a detail that feels unnecessary to the plot in everyway other than shock value and honestly it's not even that shocking.

Strange? Yes but not in anyway that makes it interesting. I actually think I'd love this movie if it weren't for the car stuff. Maybe someone will explain it to me and I'll watch it again and like it more.

Really feels like the director watched gaspars movies and said "I wanna do that but not nearly as interesting and also I wish my car could have sex with me. That would be really cool"

Idk this might be a case of expectations ruining a movie so I'll definitely check it out again in time but now I'm just a bit frustrated with it.

Lightning McQueen cameo was really out of place. Didn't need to see my childhood hero so damn horny, knocking up murderous women.

Edit: realized I pretty much repeated myself in this but I'm gonna leave it. I was frustrated!

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