Some Kind of Heaven

Some Kind of Heaven ★★★½

Some Kind of Heaven does a fantastic job capturing the sometimes otherworldly, often lonely but always complex concept that is retirement from a trio of differing points of view. It’s a life event that generally signals a sort of checkout from reality or at the very least from active employment, and The Villages, Florida, the largest retirement community in the US, attempts to do just this. Yet even a seemingly perfect utopia like The Villages can’t escape life’s woeful inevitability. It doesn’t matter if you spend your twilight years running or running from it, hiding or hiding from it, or even crafting your own reality, retirement isn’t some permanent foolproof solution to all of your life’s problems. If anything, it merely gives a person more time to contend with these personal trials and tribulations. But it can also be a chance to make the most of what time you have left on this Earth.