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  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

    Sierra Burgess Is a Loser


    um sierra..... veronica was right there

  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    i’m honestly living my best life being soft and a slut for rom coms

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    ok no spoilers but there was a moment when everyone clapped during steve’s first appearance and it was truly the biggest of moods

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    oh my god i know this is a rewatch but wow i really felt that. you can literally stab me in the fucking face and it wouldn't hurt more than the last scenes of this film. so yeah, thank you luca for giving us this beautiful piece of cinema which is now the number one reason i'm crying in the club.

    also, i just wanna say i love future academy award winner timothée chalamet. later!