Favorite films

  • The Godfather
  • Vertigo
  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Modern Times

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  • The Last Run


  • Deceived


  • Dillinger


  • The Hired Hand


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  • Daylight



    Viggo is an extreme sports dude named Roy Nord (yes, really!) who tries to out-macho Stallone. Amy Brenneman is an aspiring playwright who rescues a busload full of juvenile delinquents. Plus, what's a '90s flick w/out Dan Hedaya? I found DAYLIGHT on Starz. It's a lot, lol.

  • Like Water for Chocolate

    Like Water for Chocolate


    I'll never forget reading Laura Esquivel's LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE @ 10 & realizing my aunt (who'd recommended it) had an um, side I didn't know about, lol. It was my first exposure to magical realism too & I wrote a major film school paper on Alfonso Arau's stunning '92 movie.

Popular reviews

  • White Palace

    White Palace


    To quote the great Emma Thompson, James Spader is basically "sex on a stick" in this movie.

  • Wonder Boys

    Wonder Boys


    I've only seen only a handful of movies where as soon as we meet the characters, I've thought, "these are my people," but the characters in WONDER BOYS are 100% my people. (I like them more than some of my relatives.) This film not only gets writers; it gets me.