Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★★

It was so hot today I was melting, so this seemed like the perfect choice. My favorite Hitchcock is still the Birds (also an all time favorite film) but this was absolutely amazing, makes me excited to check out Vertigo. 

I’ve sadly been watching a lot of films lately that weren’t necessarily bad but just not captivating, annoyingly mediocre. 

This didn’t catch my full attention from the very first minute, found it a bit slow although I immediately dug the whole atmosphere of the film. 

But then something shifted, suddenly it became incredibly suspenseful and I simply had to know what would happen, it’s so engaging it transports you right into the main character’s mindset. 

Sheer suspense aside this also really captures summer: you see people doing what people do in Summer, you see the summer heat on people’s sweaty foreheads or in how they act but also how boring it is sometimes to not be able to go out when it’s suffocatingly warm. 

The chemistry between Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly is lovely, and really what makes this whole film work as it’s literally people stuck in an apartment becoming increasingly wild in their conjectures on what they think they saw. 

The most amazing thing about the whole film, is that Kelly’s character is the one who ends up undertaking the most action. 

She solves the mystery as the man literally has to passively watch, all whilst looking feminine as hell and proving that female intuition indeed almost never does fail.

 I’ve always heard Hitchcock be called a sexist filmmaker,  yet I have enjoyed all of the female characters in the films I’ve seen of him so far, I think they’re always interesting and have never found them underdeveloped or relegated to male character.

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