The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

-Have you come to seduce me, or rape me? 
-I am a gentleman. 
-Rape it is, then. 
Got home really late from this, so I’m too tired for a detailed review now. But I loved this can’t wait to rewatch. 

This is the first time I’ve laughed so hard in the cinema I almost had to fight back tears of laughter. It’s often downright absurd though it does have more serious even sentimental moments. 

The whole thing is also clearly a stab a certain political figure (we all know who) the moment when Rachel Weisz grabs the queen’s crotch speaks volumes.

-I do not know of women and their feelings, but I know they nurse their hurts like wailing newborns. 

-Godolphin, I have a surge of desire to see your nose broken. Your point?

It was fun to see a film in which three women were really all in the spotlight. The guys in this were either hilariously clueless, away at war or frequenting a whorehouse lol.

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