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  • Die, Monster, Die!

    Die, Monster, Die!


    Elegantly designed and shot but poorly directed, but it fascinates because it's a (then) rare Lovecraft adaptation that (partly because of its disjointednness and contrasting tones) retains the wierd tales flavor better than many film attempts.

  • Night of the Eagle

    Night of the Eagle


    An excellent AIP film--released in the U.S. as BURN, WITCH, BURN--based on a novel (Conjure Wife) by the great Fritz Lieber. Ably adapted by Richard and Charles Beaumont. Solid British acting and inventive black-and-white cinematography.

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  • Lifeboat



    Not Hitchcock at his best, but a decent ensemble--effectively a chamber drama but set on a boat.

  • The Well

    The Well


    Amazing, little seen film about an accident that ignites racial violence in a small town but (during the second half of the film) unites the town in its efforts to save a little girl. Its raw, neorealist style makes it especially effective.