Superbad ½

I saw Superbad back in July but I wasn't quite sure on how I felt about it as a whole, probably because I wasn't in the right mood at the time so I just gave it 3 stars and moved on. Then a couple of days ago, my cousin asked me to see this with him and I wanted to revisit it anyway so we agreed and sat down to watch Superbad together. First time for him, second time for me.

About halfway through the film, I wanted to just fucking bail out and get back to work. I already had a big issue with it's juvenile and raunchy humor(not because it's juvenile or raunchy but because how jokes felt like they were more pointless punchlines without any proper setup or buildup to them let alone leave that it felt like they were written by bunch of 12 year olds) but the jokes that did work for me on first watch, straight up fell flat this time around(McLovin is still funny tho).

Michael Cera is just phoning in and ultimately feels like a miscast and Jonah Hill(who's immensely fun to watch in both Jump Street films) is just straight up obnoxious here but that's less on him and more on the people who chose to write his character the way they did. They barely even feel like they are friends and have little to no chemistry together which just made the whole thing even more insufferable to watch.

When you Google the film’s title, here’s the synopsis that pops up: “Two inseparable best friends navigate the last weeks of high school and are invited to a gigantic house party. Together with their nerdy friend, they spend a long day trying to score enough alcohol to supply the party and inebriate two girls in order to kick-start their sex lives before they go off to college.” And I really don't think I need to elaborate any further on what's wrong with it but I'm gonna do it anyway.

The film is asking us to root for these two even as they lay the groundwork for a sexual fucking assault.
One of them say something along the lines of, “she’s going to be at the party and she’s going to be drunk and she likes me at least a little enough to get with me,” and here's the thing.... At no point in the movie do these guys realize, "oh wait, this is bad."

Sure the boys never successfully commit any assaults by making their high school crushes drunk. But its not a result of their better instincts prevailing them from committing a sexual fucking assault, but due to outside circumstances preventing it. And ultimately they’re rewarded with the female attention that they were desperately craving for throughout the movie. Like wtf you guys. I understand that it might be funny or that it's type of sense of humor might be right up your alley but like c'mon lmao. On top of that, it's misogynistic and homophobic as fuck. Like, it's not just “women’s work” to think about the ways these portrayals color how we view issues of sexual assault.

Anyway, I want to give this a ½ star but McLovin got a good amount of chuckles out of me so yeah bonus for that, I guess.

Edit: Fuck bonus points.


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