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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The sins of a father poison an entire family in Lanthimos’s twisted moral tale. What unspeakable secret binds a successful heart surgeon and suburban dad (Colin Farrell) to an oddly unsettling 16-year-old boy (Barry Keoghan) with a taste for spaghetti and eye-for-an-eye vengeance? By the time all is revealed, a supernatural curse, some Haneke-style domestic horror, and a wrenching, parent’s-worst-nightmare decision will leave a picture-perfect family broken, bloodied, and barely alive. Blending operatic surrealism with pitch-black comedy, Lanthimos crafts an icily stylized psychological thriller that hits with the force of a Greek tragedy.

    Playing on February 3 & 5 during our Lanthimos retrospective.

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster

    There is a decidedly Kafka-esque edge to The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos’s dystopian meditation on romance and estrangement in the modern world. Narrated in voiceover with the clinical detachment typical of Lanthimos’s cinema, this disquieting parable draws striking parallels with the Czech master’s seminal The Trial. The Greek filmmaker borrows from his literary predecessor the harrowing atmosphere of life under oppressive rule, and revives the premise of a distraught hero’s ruthless persecution by the powers that be. - Yonca Talu, Film Comment

    Playing on February 2 & 3 during our Lanthimos retrospective.

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  • Dogtooth


    Perhaps the most outré film ever nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar, Lanthimos’s audacious international breakthrough is a brilliantly demented parable of power and control. Behind the hedges of their secluded suburban home, a mother and father go to elaborate lengths to keep their son and two daughters ignorant of the outside world—even as the now-adult children grow dangerously curious about sex, a pair of verboten VHS tapes, and what lies beyond the garden wall. It all culminates in…

  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind

    Cinema lovers around the world have been waiting to see this legendary movie for more than 40 years. Orson Welles started shooting in 1970 with a precarious funding scheme, an ever-mutating script, and the lead role of Jake Hannaford, an old-guard macho Hollywood director at the end of his tether, yet to be cast. When he died fifteen years later, the film was not only unfinished but in legal limbo. Almost 50 years after Welles started shooting, Other Wind (as…