Back to the Future

Hoberman describes Robert Zemeckis’s trilogy-launching classic as the quintessential example of a Hollywood film that “explicates the fantasy of Reaganland” by dramatizing an idealized dialogue between the fifties and the eighties: “No less than Disneyland or Reaganland, Back to the Future proposes the comforting past to improve the present and even frame the radiant future.” Michael J. Fox gives an iconic turn as eighties teen Marty McFly, “an American Oedipus” who travels back in time to 1955 and inadvertently disrupts the budding romance between his teenage parents. With the help of the time machine’s inventor, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Marty must contrive to bring his parents together while orchestrating his own return to 1985, in a mind-bending comedy that delivers an amped-up nostalgia trip by way of sci-fi mechanics.

Playing on August 25 & 30 in a 2-for-1 double feature with Desperately Seeking Susan.