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34th Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The 34th edition of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival takes place May 31-June 11! Get tickets here.

The New York festival will be back with a full program of in-person screenings at Film at Lincoln Center and IFC Center, with in-depth discussions with filmmakers, film participants, journalists, activists and Human Rights Watch researchers.

As always, the festival strives to prioritize making space for a wide variety of identities, viewpoints and forms of expertise and experiences either silenced or marginalized in the film industry, news and media. The festival is also committed to expanding inclusivity for audience members to enjoy the events together and is working to create features that more people can access. The majority of the festival films…

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  • Seven Winters in Tehran
  • Pay or Die
  • Draw Me Egypt - Doaa El-Adl, A Stroke of Freedom
  • Etilaat Roz
  • Into My Name
  • Koromousso, Big Sister
  • Razing Liberty Square
  • Theatre of Violence
  • We Are Guardians
  • When Spring Came to Bucha