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42nd New York Film Festival | Main Slate Selections

Main Slate selections from the forty-second New York Film Festival in 2004.


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In honor of this year's milestone anniversary, Film at Lincoln Center is launching a Letterboxd watch challenge! Within the next 60 days, how many past NYFF selections can you watch? Cinephiles are invited to keep track of their viewing on their personal Letterboxd accounts.

- On Letterboxd, create a list and tag your list and all of your logs/reviews with NYFF60challenge.
- Happy watching!
- On October 1 and 2, tweet us your Letterboxd list to enter.

The members who watch the most NYFF Main Slate films through…

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  • Look at Me
  • Bad Education
  • Sideways
  • The Real Glory: Reconstructing 'The Big Red One'
  • Café Lumière
  • The Gate of the Sun
  • The Holy Girl
  • House of Flying Daggers
  • In the Battlefields
  • Keane
  • Kings and Queen
  • Moolaadé
  • Notre musique
  • Or (My Treasure)
  • Palindromes
  • Rolling Family
  • Saraband
  • Tarnation
  • The 10th District Court: Moments of Trial
  • Triple Agent
  • Tropical Malady
  • Undertow
  • Vera Drake
  • Woman Is the Future of Man
  • The World