Flat Is Beautiful: The Strange Case of Pixelvision

Made for the kids. Used by the avant-garde. Our Pixelvision series, starting August 10, looks back on a curious, fertile episode of media history. Though it failed as a plaything, Pixelvision was taken up by a range of experimental auteurs drawn to its distinctive—grainy, spectral, colorless—textures, including Michael Almereyda, who made several feature-length projects with the toy; and a teenage Sadie Benning, who got one for Christmas from Benning’s filmmaker father James in 1988, and used it to create intimate studies of burgeoning queer identity. Film Society’s survey showcases efforts by Almereyda and Benning, as well as Peggy Ahwesh, Cecilia Dougherty, Joe Gibbons, and Eric Saks, among others.

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  • Living Inside
  • If Every Girl Had A Diary
  • Me and Rubyfruit
  • Jollies
  • A New Year
  • A Place Called Lovely
  • Girl Power
  • The Rocking Horse Winner
  • Another Girl, Another Planet
  • Nocturne
  • Strange Weather
  • Glass Jaw
  • Swallow
  • Flat Is Beautiful
  • Nadja
  • At Sundance
  • Joe-Joe
  • Coal Miner's Granddaughter
  • You Talk/I Buy
  • Elegy
  • Multiple Barbie
  • Slacker