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  • Art Museum by the Zoo
  • Attack the Gas Station!
  • Barking Dogs Never Bite
  • Christmas in August
  • The Day a Pig Fell into the Well

Relentless Invention: New Korean Cinema, 1996–2003

21 films

The South Korean film industry has been in the midst of a remarkable, decades-long creative explosion, with Bong Joon Ho,…

  • The King's Daughters
  • Of Women and Horses
  • Thick Skinned
  • Paul Sanchez is Back!
  • Travolta and Me

Rebel Spirit: The Films of Patricia Mazuy

5 films

Though little-known to American moviegoers, Patricia Mazuy has earned a reputation and a dedicated following among French audiences and international…

  • Little Joe
  • Amour Fou
  • Hotel
  • Lourdes
  • Lovely Rita

Jessica Hausner: The Miracle Worker

8 films

November 8-10 at Film at Lincoln Center.

After emerging onto the scene with her 2001 feature debut, Lovely Rita, Austrian…

  • The Cloud-Capped Star
  • Komal Gandhar
  • Ajantrik
  • Reason, Debate and a Story
  • A River Called Titas

Poetry and Partition: The Films of Ritwik Ghatak

7 films

November 1-6 at Film at Lincoln Center.

Bengali-born director, poet, and actor Ritwik Ghatak’s career was one of constant struggle—against…

  • The Irishman
  • Marriage Story
  • Motherless Brooklyn
  • Atlantics
  • Bacurau

57th New York Film Festival

78 films

The 57th New York Film Festival takes place September 27-October 13 at Film at Lincoln Center. Tickets are now on…

  • The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
  • Nine to Five
  • All of Me
  • Big Business
  • Grandma

Two Free Women: Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner

11 films

September 12-16 at Film at Lincoln Center.

A testament to the collaborative nature of art and show business, the career…

  • Cutter's Way
  • Blow Out
  • The King of Comedy
  • Videodrome
  • Conan the Barbarian

Make My Day: American Movies in the Age of Reagan

22 films

August 23-September 3 at Film at Lincoln Center.

The presidency of Ronald Reagan was marked by such eighties movie events…

  • Villains
  • Ready or Not
  • Feral
  • Finale
  • Midsommar

Scary Movies XII

15 films

From August 16-21, join Film at Lincoln Center for the 12th edition of Scary Movies, New York City’s top horror…

  • Cléo from 5 to 7
  • The Portrait of a Lady
  • Two English Girls
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Come Drink with Me

50th Mixtape: Free Double Features

20 films

It’s our golden anniversary, and as a special gift to our audiences—and all New York movie lovers—we’ve put together a…

  • All Is Forgiven
  • Corpo Celeste
  • The Face You Deserve
  • Frownland
  • The Forest for the Trees

This Is Cinema Now: 21st Century Debuts

29 films

From July 19-31, we’re highlighting those directors who have made their feature debuts since the year 2000—and who have all…

  • The Cardboard Village
  • The Circumstance
  • The Fiancés
  • Genesis: The Creation and the Flood
  • Greenery Will Bloom Again

Ermanno Olmi Retrospective

19 films

Ermanno Olmi is a key Italian filmmaker of his generation whose career spanned more than six decades. Updating the stylistic…

  • Piranhas
  • Capri-Revolution
  • La Commare Secca
  • Dafne
  • The Disappearance of My Mother

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2019

17 films

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema (June 6-12) is the only screening series to offer North American audiences a diverse and…