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  • Rebellion
  • Delikado
  • Eternal Spring
  • The New Greatness Case
  • No U-Turn

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2022

6 films

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, now in its 33rd year, will present a full edition of 10 groundbreaking new…

  • Freda
  • Tug of War
  • Shaka Inkosi Yamakhosi
  • Ayaanle
  • Jom

New York African Film Festival 2022

17 films

Film at Lincoln Center (FLC) and African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF) will celebrate the kickoff of the 29th New York…

  • Claire's Camera
  • The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
  • The Day After
  • The Day He Arrives
  • Grass
  • Happening
  • The African Desperate
  • Album for the Youth
  • The Apartment with Two Women
  • Blue Island

New Directors/New Films 2022

37 films

Film at Lincoln Center and The Museum of Modern Art present the 51st edition of New Directors/New Films (ND/NF), April…

  • My Two Voices
  • Afterwater
  • Beatrix
  • Camouflage
  • Come Here

Art of the Real 2022

20 films

Film at Lincoln Center presents the ninth edition of Art of the Real, an indispensable showcase for the world’s most…

  • Love Letter
  • The Moon Has Risen
  • Forever a Woman
  • The Wandering Princess
  • Girls of the Night

Kinuyo Tanaka Retrospective

12 films

Our Kinuyo Tanaka Retrospective, co-presented with Janus Films, takes place March 18 - 27 and features brand new 4K restorations…

  • Stop-Zemlia
  • Donbass
  • Maidan
  • Babi Yar. Context
  • Wings

Film Comment: Ukrainian Cinema

8 films

The ongoing horrors of war in Ukraine have raised questions for art communities around the world: How can we meaningfully…

  • Both Sides of the Blade
  • Anaïs in Love
  • Authentik
  • Between Two Worlds
  • Bruno Reidal: Confessions of a Murderer

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2022

23 films

Unifrance and Film at Lincoln Center present the 27th edition of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, the celebrated annual festival that…

  • The Other Tom
  • The Box
  • About Everything There Is to Know
  • Aurora
  • Dirty Feathers
  • As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty
  • The Brig
  • Guns of the Trees
  • A Letter from Greenpoint
  • Lost, Lost, Lost

Jonas Mekas Retrospective

14 films

Our Jonas Mekas Retrospective, co-presented with the Jewish Museum, takes place Feb. 17 - 23. Click here to explore the…

  • The Muppet Movie
  • Breakin'
  • Rad
  • Thrashin'
  • Flashdance

Film Comment Guilty Pleasures: Joachim Trier

13 films

I want to reflect on the term “guilty pleasure” a little bit. It intrigues me. What is a “guilty pleasure”?…

  • Reprise
  • Oslo, August 31st
  • The Worst Person in the World
  • The Age of Innocence
  • The Breakfast Club

Joachim Trier: The Oslo Trilogy

12 films

Joachim Trier: The Oslo Trilogy takes place Jan. 28 - Feb. 3.

Fifteen years after their first feature-length collaboration, Reprise,…