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  • Capone



    Tom Hardy's performance is like an ink blot. The measure of the quality of his performance is truly in the eye of the beholder here. I believe it's quite an intriguing performance that is pretty consistent, but definitely misses the mark. I feel I had an idea of what Hardy was going for, but it didn't translate well in reality.

    As can be seen throughout his career, Hardy's commitment to his performances can be either his greatest strength or greatest…

  • 1917



    The technical craft is undeniable (cinematography, production design, score, editing), but the attempt to be almost a single shot draws too much attention to itself. I think the mileage with respect this will be different from person to person, however.

    The negatives with respect to the achievement in directing and cinematography results in:
    - feeling like an open-world RPG. You're following your players (characters) throughout the narrative without visible edits.
    - for me, having to remind myself to blink. I…