Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★

Review by Zeynep Pınar Uçar.

Bo Burnham describes the show as “whatever this is” right at the beginning and it’s nothing short of a perfect description. It’s not a musical, a series or a film. It’s nothing that fits under the conventional labels. It is simply the most striking showcase of how the art of storytelling had to face an inevitable change with the pandemic as everything in our lives did. Technically, it’s nothing more than a camera, tripod, some lights that are probably bought online and only one man sitting in a single room telling us about his mental struggles and how our society is corrupted in irrevocable ways through some parody songs that are written by again none other than himself. But somehow, it’s also the most relatable thing to watch right now.

It’s an audiovisual experience that is claustrophobic and dark but very funny at the same time because everything he jokes about or criticise using irony in his unique ways is true and deep down we know it very well.

In his Netflix special Bo Burnham proves that comedy is not over yet despite all the negativity surrounding us and heals the world with comedy, literally and figuratively by offering a break from everything for an hour and a half.

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