Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown ★★★★½

Review by Utku Ögetürk.

Mare of Easttown is a seven-part mini-series created by Brad Ingelsby, with Craig Zobel directing all seven episodes. It takes place in the small American town that gives it's name to the series and traces the events that take place in this town through the perspective of Detective Mare. This detective thriller, which could be considered a HBO classic through and through, stands apart from similar works by giving all the attention to Mare and pushing aside the tired whodunnit narrative. From the moment Mare begins to trace the events in the town, we start exploring not only those events, but also the inner world of Mare, and start emphatizing with her as if her traumas were our own. As a matter of fact, at one point, Mare's experiences become more important to us than the identity of the killer. We get stuck in the dead ends of a police officer who knows everyone in this small town, and realize everyone in this town is as much a sinner as the next one and everyone have their own sins. When the end credits roll for the last time, we are left with the feeling that no one is innocent.

The last three episodes of the series, which has an amazing director’s touch worth mentioning, were designed as a single movie. These episodes, where the action and tension increase compared to the first episodes, are also valuable for providing insight into the inner worlds of the characters.

Kate Winslet is a tour de force in Mare of Easttown. And same could be said for both Julianne Nicholson and Jean Smart as well. This mini series, in which these three women give best performances of their respective careers, is a visual and textual feast that will linger in our minds for years to come.

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