Annie Hall ★★★★★

I can't think of a more well-crafted and incredibly accurate romantic comedy than the all-time great that is Annie Hall. There's a reason why it beat Star Wars for Best Picture and is still highly regarded as one of the greatest movies about relationships ever made. Woody Allen's stylistic approach to how human relationships work, how each of us have our own flaws and positive attributes, and how love sometimes just naturally fades away is the biggest reason why Annie Hall remains the high standard for romantic comedies. It's not just about him being truthful and honest about how relationships work, but it's his unique visual style that elevates Annie Hall above your ordinary romance film. From split-screens to fourth wall breaking to animation, I've never a seen a more visually creative romantic movie than this. Allen hilariously highlights all of the aspects that can benefit, but also breakdown a relationship. Alvy Singer and Annie Hall both have their good and bad qualities and we get to see inside both of their perspectives of this relationship. Allen's use of split-screens to emphasize these characters' differences really drives home the point that sometimes things aren't meant to work out. One's an introvert and the other's an extrovert. There's alot of other factors that Allen deftly explores, such as background, social class, family, gender stereotypes, and career goals. Like most relationships, there's sort of a flaming passion at the start, but after while, there's a point where maybe these two people aren't healthy for each other any more. It's just life and how it is. Annie Hall has so many hysterically classic Woody Allen moments. My favorites here being the scene in the theater lobby with the film snob, the classroom scene, and Alvy approaching random strangers on the street for relationship advice. Of course, how can you forget the scene where Alvy and Annie are on the rooftop and Allen utilizes subtitles to hilarious results that truthfully express what these characters are actually thinking about on the inside. Scenes like this perfectly sum up relationships in a nutshell basically. There's so much to love about this film that love is too weak of a word to describe how I feel about it. It's such a classic.

My Rating: 10/10