Halloween ★★★★★

Sorry, I just couldn't wait until October to review another one of the greatest horror classics of all-time, John Carpenter's Halloween. Ladies and gentlemen, alongside Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, this film played a highly influential role among the early inception of the whole slasher genre and the countless tropes that spawned from it. Halloween utilized its shoestring budget perfectly, resulting in a suitably atmospheric horror flick that proves you don't need an extravaganza of special effects or jump scares to tell an unforgettably frightening story. The character of Michael Myers is of course such an horror legend and the first Halloween film will always be the best portrayal of the character. Like Jaws and Alien, Halloween doesn't overexpose its antagonist. What makes Michael Myers so interestingly terrifying is that he's a purely unstoppable force of evil that defies all reasonable explanations. His mysterious background is what gives him that factor that makes him scary. When you give a character like Michael Myers too much background, it takes away from the suspense and nail-biting tension. In addition, you also have two mighty excellent performances from Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance. Directing wise, John Carpenter absolutely knocked it out of the park. The shot compositions, the lighting, the cinematography, the chillingly iconic theme, the performances, and the uniquely-filmed opening scene all add up to one of the greatest horror films that continue to stand the test of time.

My Grade: A+

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