The Fly

The Fly ★★★★★

David Cronenberg's The Fly represents that rare instance where the remake is far superior to the original. I'll go ahead and admit that I am not the biggest fan of the 1958 version, which honestly didn't affect me as much as Cronenberg's film did. With that in mind, this film is one of the best horror films ever-made in my opinion. Not only that, it really makes you question the ambiguity of change, evolution, and the life-altering effects on an individual. Here is yet another impeccably top-notch Jeff Goldblum performance as Seth Brundle, whose ambitious intelligence leads into some gruesomely disappointing results to say the least. Of course with Goldblum's effortlessly charismatic attributes, you completely invest in this character and it's sadly tragic and quite disturbing watching him slowly deform into the hideous insect. When you have a main character that's greatly likable, then it truly adds to the overall impact of his degradation. Goldblum and the beautiful Geena Davis undeniably have terrific chemistry together as well. Fair warning for the faint of heart, there's a lot of nastily and grotesquely unsettling scenes throughout that's not for the easily squeamish. I really wouldn't recommend eating during this film. At the same time, David Cronenberg's skill of delivering first-rate suspension and making your skin crawl is insanely exciting to watch. Not to mention, the arm-wrestling scene gets me every single time. Now, every time you see a fly, it'll be seriously hard not to think of Jeff Goldblum. Yes, be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID!

My Grade: A+